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Watch Cam for Nest Cam® app for iPhone and iPad

4.4 ( 4464 ratings )
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Developer: Marko Radakovic
2.99 USD
Current version: 4.6, last update: 7 months ago
First release : 21 Nov 2016
App size: 5.43 Mb

* The app has been reviewed, and approved by the Nest Labs QA department. *

Apple Watch and Nest Cam, together. What a sight!

The app fully supports Apple Watch LTE, and can work when the iPhone is not around - as long as the watch itself has internet access (either LTE or WiFi).

Watch Cam lets you monitor all your Nest Cams from the Apple Watch or the iOS Widget in a quick and streamlined way.
• From the watch face, tap on the Watch Cam complication to open the app. Swipe left and right to view life feeds from all your Nest Cams.
• On your iOS device you can press firmly onto the app icon to open a quick popout view, you can swipe to the notification center to see whats on all of your cameras, or you can just open the app.
• View the continuously updated Live Feed from the camera in the watch app, the iOS widget, or the iOS app. The feed updates with a new image approximately every second on the iOS and two seconds on the Watch - may be faster or slower, depending on your network speed.
• Preview the last event recorded by any of the cameras - you will see the video clip of the event on the watch, the widget and in the iOS app.
• When the app/widget is opened, if there are events less than 15 minutes old, they will be shown. Otherwise, the Live Feed will be shown.
• The app displays how much time has passed since the last event in an easily glanceable format (eg. "12 minutes ago", "3 days ago")
• Tapping on the Event clip in the widget will launch the Nest app, and deep-link right into that event.
• Tapping on the Live Feed view in the widget will launch the Nest app, and display the respective camera.

Watch Face Complications can display the following:
• The time since the last recorded event from any of the cameras, and the location where it was recorded.
• Status of all the available cameras - if the camera icon on the complication is bright green, it means that all your cameras are online and streaming. If it is dimmed green, it means that some cameras are offline or not streaming. If its dark grey, all cameras are offline or not streaming.

Beyond that, you can press the Watch screen firmly for additional functions, like switching between the last recorded event, and the live feed, setting the away status, or turning the camera streaming on and off.

While the apps minimalist looks betray the simplicity of its operation, what they dont show is the amount of planning, design, development and refinement that went into it, ensuring it becomes something that is enjoyable to use and experience.

The goal was to make a product that would feel like it truly belongs to the Nest ecosystem, and that would not look out of place next to one of the apps bundled with the Apple Watch. A tall order, but in the end, delivered - the app has been thoroughly reviewed, and approved by Nest Labs.

Please make sure to sign in with your main Nest account. At this time, Nest doesnt support Family accounts in 3rd party apps.

Please Note: Watch Cam does not collect any of your data. Your login information, camera feeds, and any activity - all of it flows exclusively between your watch, your cameras, and Nest Labs. Author of Watch Cam has no access to any of it, at any point.

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